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You can read the Regulation at this link: Carriere Minor e Advanced Course (ITA)

I am a student of Ca' Foscari, can I apply for a loan for my studies? 

Yes, only if you are enrolled in a degree course, master's degree or master's program for the duration indicated in the instructions published on the Loans page.

Do I have to be already enrolled in the course in order to submit the application?

Yes, you must already be enrolled in the course and have paid the first installment of the fees.

Do I have to apply to the university for the loan? 

No, you have to fill in the application directly on the Intesa Sanpaolo website. The university will automatically incorporate the request and evaluate your requirements by returning feedback to the Bank, which will ultimately decide whether or not to grant the loan.

How does the loan work? Do I have to meet specific requirements?

You are given the opportunity to apply for a loan, divided into annual installments, if you are a student who meet certain requirements (please read the Bank loans webpage to check the specific requirements for every loan agreement). The payment of the annual installment is subject to the achievement of a merit requirement to be achieved within one year from the date of the loan request. For more information on the merit requirements, see the Bank Loans webpage.

What can I do if I cannot acquire the requirements to keep the loan? 

On failure to achieve the minimum requirements you will be granted a "bridge" period of 1 year after which you will be required to return the amount due to the Bank.                         

When should I start to repay the loan? Is there a time limit to repay it?

You can start repaying the loan 1 year after obtaining your title. You can decide to repay the debt in a lump sum or directly agree with the Bank for a subsidized loan plan with a maximum duration of 10 years. If you do not comply with the agreed repayment plan, the university will act as guantor with the Bank and repay the amount of the loan, but in turn legal action will be launched against you.

Is there any interest to pay?

The interest rate is subsidized and is, in any case, indicated in the contract stipulated with the Bank.

How many times can I apply for a loan? 

The loan can only be requested once. If you intend to apply for the facility for both the three-year degree course and the subsequent master's degree course, you must immediately select the "Three-year Degree + Master's Degree". On the other hand, the possibility of extending the funding to a future enrollment in a master's degree (e.g. three-year degree and master's degree, master's degree and master's degree) is not allowed.

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Last update: 17/04/2024