Third year

Third year

The third year is specifically dedicated to hands-on labs, in areas such as computer security, strategic innovation, interaction design and software project development.

During the second semester, all students will be involved in an internship project in a company or organization in Italy or abroad. The internships will be finalized to develop a specific project based on the company’s needs and will focus on innovation and digital transformation processes, procedures or work methods. The internship project will also be the core of the student’s final thesis.

Here are the courses offered in the first semester of third year:

Student will choose among electives:

Students will also have the opportunity to attend the following Curriculum Enhancing Courses:

Furthermore, students will have access to a series of unique and exciting events organized by H-Farm in the highly innovative environment of H-Campus. From hackatons to meetings with CEOs of international companies, from summer camps to lectures on topics such as Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Law and much more, there is no shortage of learning opportunities for students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Management.

Discover the timetable of the class, workshops and other learning activities of the Third Year: 

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The professors of the curricular courses are: 

Giancarlo Corò

Professor of Economics of Innovation, Growth theory and Economic development 1

The aim of this course is to provide students with the fundamental knowledge to understand the mechanisms of economic development, with particular attention to the role of technological innovation and institutional structures in the long run growth. Part of the course will be devoted to the implications of digital technologies for industrial organization, social inequalities and the geography of development.


Giancarlo Corò is Professor of Applied Economics at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. His research topics are the Development and Innovation of Production Systems, the economic analysis of Global Value Chains, and the study of Economic complexity at international and local level.

Teaching assignments:

- Development Economics and Policies (Degree in International Trade Economics)

- Economics of Globalization (Degree in Philosophy, International Studies & Economics)

- Economics of Innovation and Growth Theory (Degree in Digital Management)

- Industrial Cluster Economics (Master Degree in Global Development & Entrepreneurship)

Other assignments:

- Director of the School of Economics, Languages, Entrepreneurship, Ca’ Foscari University

- Scientific Director of The Urban Innovation Action Learning Lab, Ca’ Foscari University

- Responsable economic teaching, Master in Economics and Languages of Eastern Europe, Russia and Eurasia

- Scientific Committee, Master in Local Development Networks Governance, University of  Padua

- Scientific Committee, Italian Trade Agency, Rome

- Scientific Committee, Fondazione Nord Est Research Institute, Venice

- Scientific Committee, L'industria - Review of Industrial Economics and Policy

- Steering Committee CMET05 - Applied Industrial Economics Group

Visiting Scholar:

- Institute of Urban and Regional Development, University of California at Berkeley, CA, USA (1988)

- Programa de Pòs-Graduaçào Desenvolvimento Regional, Universidade de Santa Cruz Do Sul, Brazil (2012)

- Centre on Globalization, Governance and Competitiveness at Duke University, Durham, NC, USA (2014)

Main Past Positions:

- Professor of Regional Political Economy at University of Urbino (1996-2002)

- Professor of Regional Economics at University of Trento (2002-2003)

- Professor of Urban Economics at Venice University Institute of Architecture (1998-2000)

- Director of Institute for Economic and Social Research – Venice (1993-2000)

- Member of the Steering committee of Veneto Region Competitiveness Forum (2003-2009)

- Member of the National Treasury Secretariat board for a reform of Industrial Districts policies (2005-2006)

- President of Regional Water Authority Bacchiglione (2008-2011)

Elisa Barbieri

Professor of Economics of Innovation, Growth theory and Economic development 2

In this module, students will be provided with the basic tools for understanding the meaning of Economic Development and Development more in general. Students will confront with theories on the foundation of economic and human development, including theories on structural adjustment.


Elisa Barbieri è professoressa associata di Economia Applicata all’Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia (Cettedra H-Farm) dove insegna International Economics and Development Studies, International Political Economy e Economics of Innovation, Growth Theory and Development Economics. Laureata a Ferrara si è specializzata all’Università di Manchester (UK) in Economia dello sviluppo.Ha conseguito il dottorato di ricerca in Economia, Politiche Pubbliche ed Europee all’Università di Ferrara. È stata ricercatrice in visita presso South China University of Technology e University of California Los Angeles e project manager della China and Italy School of Policy, scuola di formazione per funzionari pubblici e dirigenti di impresa. È membro del direttivo di c.MET05 (Centro Interuniversitario Nazionale di Economia Applicata) e del collegio di dottorato congiunto Università di Ferrara e Parma. E’ docente del Master in Global Management for China. È nel comitato didirezione delle riviste Competition and Change e l’Industria. Ha pubblicato sui temi della economia e politica industriale e delle economie emergenti su riviste scientifiche fra cui World Development, China Economic Review, Cambridge Journal of Regions Economy and Society e Regional Studies. E' co-autrice del volume “Southern China: Industry, Development and Industrial Policy” pubblicato da Routledge nel 2013.

Filippo Bergamasco

Professor of Lab of web technologies

This course provides an overview of the technologies involved in the modern World Wide Web, enriching the degree programme with the fundamental notions on methodologies and tools for the realization of applications connected and distributed via the Internet. After an initial high-level introduction of the protocols and patterns empowering the modern web, students will be guided to the basic building blocks involved in the development of rich web applications.


Filippo Bergamasco was born in Verona, Italy. He received the bachelor and master degrees (both summa cum laude) in Computer Science from the “Ca’ Foscari” University of Venice respectively in 2008 and 2011 and the Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2015 from the University of Venice, where he performed for three years in scientific and teaching activities as a research fellow.

His research interests are in the area of Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. He is currently interested in high-precision photogrammetry, non-parametric models for camera calibration, ego-motion estimation and 3D reconstruction applied to moving/nonrigid objects.

Dr. Bergamasco is currently working as a postdoctoral research fellow collaborating with the Italian research institute CNR ISMAR in the field of 3D stereo reconstruction of sea waves from fixed off-shore platforms and vessels. He developed novel techniques to provide fast and reliable space-time estimation of sea wave spectrum, crucial to study complex phenomena such the likelihood of rogue waves or energy transfers between the atmosphere and sea.

During his career, he have been involved in many commercial computer vision projects for industry and entertainment, including structured light scanner solutions, interactive vision-based museum exhibitions and applications for embedded devices. 

Leonardo Maccari

Professor of Lab of computer security

Any modern business depends on the development of some specific software that can be produced in-house or outsourced. The digital manager needs to be aware of the foundations of the techniques and tools needed to develop a software project. The goal of this course is to provide to the students the background on the most common software development tools and platform and to create and manage their own software project.


I am an associate professor at the Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics at the Ca’ Foscari university of Venice. Previously I was an assistant professor at the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science (DISI) of the University of Trento (Italy). I received a Master in Computer Science and a Doctoral degree at the University of Florence respectively in 2004 and 2010, I am an IEEE member, an ACM member and a member of the Association for Progressive Communication (APC). My research focuses on the protocols, the privacy, the applications and the social aspects related to distributed networks, with particular interest to large mesh networks, such as Community Networks. I contributed to start a line of research on Community Networks in the Advanced Networked Systems (ANS) group of the DISI which evolved in various publications and at least three financed projects, with a strong focus on interdisciplinarity. I was the work-package technical coordinator of the netCommons project, an H2020 project coordinated by DISI. My achievements include scientific publications and involvement in both research and industrial projects. I authored 16 Journals, 33 conference papers, 4 book chapters and 4 among patents and requests. I teach network security and I was teaching assistant in courses organized by the University of Florence and Trento. I co-advised more than 40 BS and MS students and two Ph.D. students (ongoing). In 2010 I spent one year of internship in Selex Communications (one of the largest communications company in Italy, now Leonardo Finmeccanica) for a military research project. For the period 2011-2014 I was appointed of a Marie Curie Co-fund grant for the ‘PAF-FPE’ project dealing with privacy for pervasive ad-hoc and mesh networks. In 2014 I received an award as a starting grant for the RiseApp project. In 2017 I received the FFABR grant from the Italian Ministry. I participate to the technical program committees of several international conferences (IEEE INFOCOM 2019, IEEE ICDCS 2018, IFIP Networking, IEEE Globecom, IEEE ICC, etc.) and as a reviewer for international conferences and journals. I am in the editorial board of the Wiley “Security and Privacy” journal and for about two years I was in the editorial board of Wiley “Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing”. I was twice invited as a speaker in Dagstuhl seminars. I was the organizer of a special track on Community Networks in the 2016 edition of the IEEE/IFIP WONS conference and in the organizing committee of the multidisciplinary conference on “Local and Community Networks” organized by the Faculty of Law of the University of Trento. My expertise includes the development of solutions for real-world, large-scale wireless networks with special attention on protocols, security and privacy. I worked on mesh networks, sensor networks for IoT, named-data-networks, and peer-to-peer networks. I am also an entrepreneur: I am an associate of Tracking4Fun, a start-up whose mission is to produce affordable tracking devices for non-professional athletes1 .

Massimiliano Nuccio

Professor of Business Analytics.

Using data about customers, markets and internal performance in business decision-making has dramatically enhanced the ability of organizations such as businesses, non-profits, and governments to gain insights and make better decisions. The module offers a broad overview on data analytics as a means to improve effective business intelligence and implement effective marketing strategies. The module provides students with both the key understanding of business problems and a hands-on toolkit based on RStudio to apply business analytics, in particular in the field of marketing and consumer behaviour.


Research Interests

  • Digital transformation, Digital economy, Industry 4.0
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning in economics and management
  • Regional studies, Urban development, Urban regeneration
  • Cultural and Creative Industries, Festivals and events
  • Consumer behaviour, Cultural consumption


  • National Scientific Habilitation as Associate Professor in Applied Economics (2018) and Economic Policy (2014)- MIUR Italian National Department for Education, University and Scientific Research
  • Doctorate (PhD) in Economics of Communication, IULM University Milano (ITA) - 2007               
  • MA in Museums and Galleries Management, City University London (UK) - 2003
  • BA and MSc in Business Administration, Bocconi University Milano (ITA) - 1999 

Former Research experience

  • Research Fellow - City REDI, University of Birmingham (2019)
  • Research Coordinator - Despina Big Data Lab, University of Torino (2015-2018)
  • Marie Curie Fellow - University of Torino (2014-2016)
  • Visiting Full Professor in Culture and Regional Development - Leuphana Universität Lüneburg (2011-2013)
  • Research Fellow - ASK Research Center - Bocconi University Milano (2008-2011)
  • Post-Doc Fellow - University of Verona (2007-2009)

Maurizio Massaro

Professor of Financial Statement Analysis

The course contributes to the learning objectives of the Bachelor degree, which provides a learning in both the business and quantitative context, by preparing students able to interpret and analyse financial statements. The students of the Bachelor degree have to know and understand the main critical areas when managing firms. At the end of this teaching course, the students will be able to: analyze and compare financial statements of firms operating in multiple sectors and of different dimension; interpret the differences of their financial performance.


Academic position

  • 2018 - present  - Associate Professor at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy
  • 2008-2018 - Aggregate Professor at Udine University, Udine, Italy

International Experience (2010-present)

  • The George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA (from 2017). Member of the Ph.D. Committee.
  • Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran (from 2015). Lecturer at DBA Program, Lecturer at the Knowledge Management Forum.
  • Graduate School of Management, St Petersburg University, Russia (2016-2018). Invited Speaker.
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China (2016 - 2017). Visiting Professor and Guest Lecturer e-learning.
  • Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan (2016). Guest Lecturer.
  • Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia (2014). Guest Lecturer.
  • Angelo State University, San Angelo, TX, USA (2013). Guest Lecturer.
  • Leicester University, Leicester, UK (2012 - 2013). Visiting Researcher.
  • Florida Gulf Coast University, Lutgert College of Business, Fort Myers, FL, USA (2010-2013). Visiting Professor.


  • 2018- present - Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) Award Representative for Italy; International Member of Global MIKE
  • 2018 - Third as the best case study award at the conference "European Conference on Knowledge Management" - ECKM
  • 2016- present – International Member of the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE)/Most Innovative Knowledge Enterprise (MIKE) award for Iran and Iran MAKE/MIKE Secretariat.
  • 2016 – Emerald Literati Award Winner for Highly Commended Paper for the Journal of Knowledge Management.
  • 2014 – My book on Sustainable Development got the endorsement of ambassador Andrew Young who wrote the “to the reader” section and Prof. Hafiz Mirza Chief, Investment Issues Research Section, UNCTAD, who wrote the “foreword” section. The book was presented during a Vernissage held at UNO headquarters in Geneva (Switzerland).
  • 2013 – Third as the best conference proposal award at the conference “Strategy in Complex Settings”, organized by Strategic Management Society, Glasgow for the paper “Strategy map as visual artifact for strategy-making in complex settings”.
  • 2012 - Finalist as the best thematic paper at the Academy of International Business - South East USA, Fort Lauderdale.

Mara Pistellato

Professor of Lab of Software Project Development

Every modern company depends on the development of specific softwares that can be produced internally or outsourced. The digital manager must be aware of the basics of the techniques and tools needed to develop a software project. The only way to achieve this awareness is to participate in a software development project in which the student practices both the organizational tools and the development process. The goal of this course is to provide students with the basics of the most common software development tools and platforms to create and manage their own software project.


Publications in 2018 and 2019


  • Pistellato M.; Bergamasco F.; Albarelli A.; Cosmo L.; Gasparetto A.; Torsello A. Robust phase unwrapping by probabilistic consensus in OPTICS AND LASERS IN ENGINEERING, vol. 121, pp. 428-440 (ISSN 0143-8166) (Articolo su rivista)
  • Pistellato, Mara; Bergamasco, Filippo; Albarelli, Andrea; Torsello, Andrea Robust cylinder estimation in point clouds from pairwise axes similarities , ICPRAM 2019 - Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods, SciTePress, pp. 640-647, Convegno: 8th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods, ICPRAM 2019, 2019 (ISBN 9789897583513) (Articolo in Atti di convegno)
  • Pistellato, Mara; Bergamasco, Filippo; Albarelli, Andrea; Cosmo, Luca; Gasparetto, Andrea; Torsello, Andrea Stochastic phase estimation and unwrapping , ICPRAM 2019 - Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods, SciTePress, pp. 200-209, Convegno: 8th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods, ICPRAM 2019, 2019 (ISBN 9789897583513) (Articolo in Atti di convegno)


  • Pistellato, Mara; Cosmo, Luca; Bergamasco, Filippo; Gasparetto, Andrea; Albarelli, Andrea Adaptive Albedo Compensation for Accurate Phase-Shift Coding , Proceedings - International Conference on Pattern Recognition in INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PATTERN RECOGNITION, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., vol. 2018-, pp. 2450-2455, Convegno: 24th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, ICPR 2018, 2018 (ISBN 9781538637883) (ISSN 1051-4651) (Articolo in Atti di convegno)
  • Gasparetto, Andrea; Ressi, Dalila; Bergamasco, Filippo; Pistellato, Mara; Cosmo, Luca; Boschetti, Marco; Ursella, Enrico; Albarelli, Andrea Cross-Dataset Data Augmentation for Convolutional Neural Networks Training , Proceedings - International Conference on Pattern Recognition in INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PATTERN RECOGNITION, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., vol. 2018-, pp. 910-915, Convegno: 24th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, ICPR 2018, 2018 (ISBN 9781538637883) (ISSN 1051-4651) (Articolo in Atti di convegno)
  • Pistellato, Mara; Bergamasco, Filippo; Cosmo, Luca; Gasparetto, Andrea; Ressi, Dalila; Albarelli, Andrea Neighborhood-Based Recovery of Phase Unwrapping Faults , Proceedings - International Conference on Pattern Recognition in INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PATTERN RECOGNITION, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., vol. 2018-, pp. 2462-2467, Convegno: 24th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, ICPR 2018, 2018 (ISBN 9781538637883) (ISSN 1051-4651) (Articolo in Atti di convegno)

The curriculum enhancing courses scheduled for the third year are:

  • Tech Disruptions and Innovative Business Model
  • Interaction Design
  • Business Analytics Project Work
  • Omnichannel, Dealing with complex strategies

The professors of the curriculum enhancing courses are:

Nicolò Andreula

Tech Disruptions and Innovative Business Model - 12 hours

The course will give students different perspectives to read, understand and challenge a reality in constant change. It will also ask students to apply anything they have learnt in practical workshop sessions and discuss them with peers. Furthermore, students will acquire some soft skills to boost their career as entrepreneurs, freelancers, or digital nomad intrapreneur within a startup or a blue chip company.



Nicolò Andreula is a strategy and leadership development expert, an economist and university lecturer. He has worked for leading professional service firms such as McKinsey & Company, AlphaBeta and Goldman Sachs, building long-standing relationships with global clients like Google, Netflix and Uber. He is regularly invited to speak at high profile events - e.g. at Japan's House of Representatives, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa or the APEC Senior Officer's Meeting in Vietnam. He is a Ferrari Global Trainer and a visiting lecturer at some of Asia's leading business schools (Nanyang Business School and the Chinese University from Hong Kong). His research work has been featured on several international publications, ranging from the Harvard Business Review to Forbes. He holds a MSc. in Economics from Bocconi University and a MBA from INSEAD. He is also the co-founder of the TEDx Conference in Bari, his hometown in Southern Italy.

Laura Bordin

Interaction Design - 12 hours

In this course students will learn and apply the basic tools of human centered design and use them to shape a solid concept for a new, innovative service.



Laura Bordin is an Associate Creative Director at frog.
Her eclectic background in communication, visual and interaction design and her passion for in-the-field research allow her to design digital products and services that result in a relevant and meaningful experience for people.
While at frog, Laura worked in the fields of telecommunication, healthcare, financial services and media, designing new services and supporting organisations like Sky, Condè Nast, Poste Italiane and Roche, shifting from a traditional product-centric approach towards a more effective user-centric approach. From november 2017 to november 2018, she was part of the Digital Team of the Italian Government as a Service Design consultant, advancing the digital transformation of services for the Italian Public Administration and citizenship.Since 2013, she collaborates with the most interesting design programs in Universities like Politecnico di Milano, SUPSI (Switzerland), TAG (Milan), H-Farm and Digital Accademia (Venice).

Nicola Zozzolotto

Business Analytics Project Work - 12 hours

The course aims to develop the necessary skills for the autonomous development of Business Analytics projects with Qlik Sense.



Nicola Zozzolotto - Business Intelligence Consultant


Federico Barbieri

Omnichannel, Dealing with complex strategies - 12 hours

By the end of this course the students will get a high-level understanding of omni-channel strategies in different industries, recognize good strategies from average to bad strategies and learn which are the main key factor for success of an omni-channel strategy execution.



Over 30 years of international experience in different sectors, Marketing & Communication training, first commerce experience in 2000 when Nike tested Nike ID for the first time in Europe with an interactive shop in Nike Town London. He began working in digital communication more actively at Nokia in 2006 when working with Wieden & Kennedy, one of the most creative agencies in the world, he launched the first interactive campaigns with consumer-created content from China to South America. 

In those years he also worked with 8Inc (the architecture firm famous for having designed the Apple Stores) on the creation of an innovative flagship store for the relaunch of Nokia. This is one of the first attempts to use technology to enrich the shopping experience. The concept wins the Most Innovative Retail Concept Award in New York the year Apple opens its 5th Avenue store.

As SVP Digital and eCommerce in Kering, he launched the Joint Venture with Ynap in 2012 and in 2 years he quadrupled the online sales of the brands of the Group's Luxury Division. Federico worked on the first omni-channel strategies in 2013 for Kering, then for Intersport, Armani, Maison Margiela. The 360-degree collaboration developed with the Farfetch marketplace platform brought Maison Margiela to be the second best performing brand in 2019.

Internship project

In addition to the courses and labs, in the third year each student will develop a personal project through a 6-month-internship in one of the over 200 innovative companies belonging to the H-FARM and Ca' Foscari networks.

The Internship Project plays a fundamental role in the BA program, as it gives students the opportunity to practice what they have learnt during the courses.

During the second semester all students will be involved in an internship project in a company or organization in Italy or abroad.

The internship will be finalized to develop a specific project based on the company's needs and will focus on innovation and digital transformation processes, procedures or work methods.

The internship project will also be the core of the student's final thesis and will be supervised by both a University Professor and a Company's Tutor.

The degree program focuses on the importance of experiential learning and the internship represents a crucial part of it. Through this experience, students will be able to work in teams, actively collaborate in innovative projects, apply their skills and learn first-hand what the job market requires and what it can offer them as well. The internship will also help students identify their own career path and choose their next steps after graduation.

This experience plays a key role in linking the academic and professional world, fostering positive partnerships and long-term collaborations based on the exchange of expertise and innovation that can only translates in benefits for both students and companies.



Thank you to the companies that launched an Internship Project in 2020:

Accessory Line

Acco Brands UK Ltd


Alfa Sistemi




Bonfiglioli Engineering




CNH Industrial



Deakin University

De Marchi


Diana Corp

Dolomiti Energia



Festo CTE

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Future Education Modena

Generali Assicurazioni

Generali Italia

Generali Real Estate




Keyline Italia

Keyline USA



Miroglio Textile






Project Officina Creativa

Sbs Mobile

SIT Group




Vodafone Italia

Volkswagen Group Italia

Würth Italia


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