Trials and new electronic resources

The SBA favors the purchase of resources in electronic format in order to offer its users assets that are updated, scientifically authoritative and always accessible remotely, in line with the University's sustainability policy.

To ensure what it offers is relevant, the SBA carries out trials during which university members have access to new online resources.

Covid-19: open or free access to online resources

To facilitate as far as possible access to information and research and teaching activities during this health emergency, some publishers have made available resources and tools for free that are usually only available via paid subscription. These are added to the University's electronic resources and open access resources.

Most of these resources can also be found from the cerCa’ portal.

Apart from certain platforms to which you can connect freely, in order to consult these resources from home, you need to connect to the University network by following the instructions on the page Remote access to electronic resources.

List of the main initiatives

Resource Accessible Description
JSTOR - Journals Until 30th June 2022 Free access to: Archive Journal Collections, Thematic Collections e Primary Source Collections. To know which new titles are now accessible, consult the list of journals at the bottom of the page. You can find the link to the resource in the URL column of the file excel.
Ohio State University Press For the duration of the Covid-19 emergency Free access to monographs and linguistics manuals through The Knowledge Bank, the university's institutional archive.
Perlego For 2 weeks Unlimited access to over 300,000 academic and university titles for 6 weeks, to be read both online and offline and on any device. To use the offer, go to the dedicated page and click on “Start free trial”. After the 14-day free trial period, the "iorestoacasa" code will automatically activate a further 4 weeks for free.


To request information and send comments and feedback on the resources under trial, write to

There are currently no on going trials.

New resources

The resources are accessible, on the University network and remotely through the search tools (cerCa', databases, electronic periodicals catalogue, etc.).

List of the most recent acquisitions:

  • JoVE Science Education: SBA has recently subscribed the Science education section of JoVE, an online magazine that combines scientific studies and videos, particularly useful for online teaching in this period of health emergency. The following parts are accessible: JoVE Chemistry, JoVE Lab Chemistry, JoVE Environmental Sciences, Basic Biology.
  • Brill Reference Works:
    1) A Student’s Dictionary of Classical and Medieval Chinese Online: Chinese - English dictionary with over 8000 characters relating to the lexicon of the Chinese language of the classical and medieval period (500 BC-1000 AD).
    2) China Encyclopedic Reference: offers information on scores of names and places found in Chinese texts. It is therefore the natural complement to the lexical information found in Brill’s dictionaries 'Le Grand Ricci online' and 'A Student’s Dictionary of Classical and Early Medieval Chinese'.
    3) Encyclopedia of Buddhism Online: is the first comprehensive academic reference work devoted to the plurality of Buddhist traditions across Asia.
    4) Persian E-Books Miras Maktoob: collection of 249 ebooks in Arabic and Persian relating to the Iran Islamic history and culture published by the "Written Heritage Research Institute" (Miras Maktoob), a non-governmental organization of Tehran. The texts cover the history, geography, philosophy and religion of Persia starting from the 10th century.
    5) Japan Chronicle Online (Brill Primary Sources): english language newspaper published in Kobe between 1900 and 1940 which represents a precious source for Japanese history and culture of that period.
    6) Middle Eastern Manuscripts Online 1: Pioneer Orientalists (Brill Primary Sources): important collection of 267 manuscripts (303 volumes, 109,517 pages) preserved in Leiden and collected by Justus Scaliger and Jacobus Golius, two famous scholars and orientalists of Leiden University.
    7) Middle Eastern Manuscripts Online 2: The Ottoman Legacy of Levinus Warner (Brill Primary Sources): 140 volumes from the Warner Collection, for a total of 45,809 pages of Ottoman, Turkish, Arab and Persian texts. These manuscripts were acquired by the scholar Levinus Warner during his stay in Istanbul from 1644 until his death in 1665, and then left and still preserved in the Leiden University Library. The collection also includes Warner's journals with annotations in several languages.
  • Rivisteweb: many journals from this collection are available. They are Italian journals about human and social sciences. You can access them online from cerCa’ or from the catalogue of electronic periodicals.
  • Chinese Periodical Full-text Database (1911-1949): it is a digitized archive consisting of 11 series with over 25,000 periodicals published between 1911 and 1949 in the Republic of China. The database contains many articles that provide information on the political, economic, military and social aspects of the history of the Republic of China. You can select the English language from the drop-down menu at the top right of the homepage. A user manual of the platform is available.

Last update: 12/10/2021