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100% libraries' capacity

Libraries' capacity returned to 100%. To access the libraries and their services (loan, consultation, photocopying service...) you must make a reservation throught EasyPlanning. In addition to the University badge, you must have a valid Covid-19 green certification (Green Pass). The Green Pass is not necessary if you don't plan to stay in the library for a long time (e.g for return books). For more information, see the libraries' page BALIBASBAUMBECCFZ or the Access general rules page.

Courses and workshops

The libraries periodically organize training activities and workshops focused on databases and bibliographic search strategy. The aim of the courses is to be able to develop a bibliographic research strategy and to use the main disciplinary bibliographic databases.
At the moment they take place remotely and they be held in Italian.
To know the complete calendar please visit the Courses and tutorials page.

Logo Yewno
Yewno Discover

Ca' Foscari presents a new platform which, through artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences and computational linguistics, connects ideas, extracted from academic publications. Yewno allows you to develop unexpected research paths with interactive graphics that allow you to easily move from one link to another. You can access Yewno from the direct link or from the widget that appears making a search in cerCa’.

Reaxys: a chemical database designed by chemists

BAS and the Department of Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems organizd a workshop on Reaxys, a database very useful for the research in the field of chemistry. The workshop will be held by Marta Da Pian (Elsevier) on 3 December 2021 at 11 am at the Orio-Zanetto Conference Room (Scientific Campus of Mestre) and is open to teachers, researchers, PhD students and staff of Ca' Foscari. For more information write to

SBA in numbers: turnout 15-21/11/2021

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