The VERA Centre is also a place of advanced training in economics, econometrics and finance as well as for the implementation of experimental research. Thanks to the synergies with the PhD Programmes in Economics and in Science and Management of Climate Change, the Professional Masters in Analysis and Evaluation of Public Policies [ITA] and International Master in Economics and Finance, and the Master's Degree Programmes in Economics and Finance and Global Development and Entrepreneurship, the education and research activities of the Centre will guarantee the development of professional expertise and leadership skills.

VERA Academy

VERA Academy is the advanced training programme that gives talented students of Master's Degree Courses the opportunity to work with the researchers of the VERA Centre on their research projects.

The Centre will offer internship grants for activities of research assistance, useful also for developing the Master degree thesis and/or taking part in ongoing research projects.

Vera Academy

Supporting education

The VERA initiative for supporting training programmes for students and researchers includes:

  • Strengthening the PhD Programme in Economics financing 2 grants;
  • Organizing a Summer School involving academics and researchers of international reputation;
  • Supporting students of Master's Degree Courses and Professional master programmes through internship grants for activities of research assistance (VERA Academy);
  • Developing innovative training activities involving also projects’ partners;
  • Research fellowships supporting the Chair of Excellence.

VERA Academy Internship Grants

The Department of Economics, within the new VERA Centre, offers its Master's Degree students a series of internship projects in order to foster the development of professional and research skills useful for their orientation and subsequent integration into the labor market.

Number of internship grants: 13
Maximum duration of the internship: 4 months
Total funding for each internship: € 1.843,31 (gross salary)
Deadline: June 21st 2019